Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thoughts about the pecking order, then and now.

Yesterday, my husband called me out of the house around noon to watch the two male? peliated woodpeckers, as in Woody Woodpecker, spar for territory in our front yard.

Normally, these birds are so shy, that the minute I see them and grab a camera, they fly away.

Not this time. Sex, you see! Survival of the fittest!.

I actually recorded them on my phone on another tree, until I scared them away,  but it didn't take. I said, "Too, bad!"

Then, my husband came in and said,"They are on the other tree."

I recorded them some more, until they got scared, then they went on a tree just over the fence.

Sex. The female was flying around, doing the hysterical laugh thing.

I was listening to a French lecture at noon yesterday, while making lunch.

It was a Law Course at a French University..on International law.

If I understood correctly, the professor said this. That up until recently, the economy served humans. Today humans serve the economy. That can only lead to totalitarianism...After all, things like  'ethics' are irrelevant to the economy.

"Whatever is 'good' for business is "good."

Ethics are now the purview of individual states, who are handcuffed by international laws favoring global trade.

I guess it follows , that if slavery is good for one country, than it has to become good for all countries, or they won't be able to compete.

Pretty depressing.

I recall another lecture I heard last year, where an Enron exec, one who got out early, said that the modern businessman considers 'ethics' a big joke for chumps only.

Donald Trump is running for President? Seems right for the time.

Harper will do anything to be re-elected for the October election? Of course. Now that he's put the Canadian economy in the dumper by putting all his eggs in one basket, OIL.

I thought about the lecture some more.  A first I thought, "But, it has always been so."

But then I thought some more.

 It has always been that one group of humans exploited other humans, but that happened because it was done at arm's length. Or the humans being exploited were set apart,  thought of as 'non human.'

(The Romans, oddly, allowed slaves to rise up the ladder of hierarchy, even if they were from 'inferior' races.)

I recall reading that the average Brit was educated about the evils of slavery with sugar bowls with figures of suffering slaves.

There's a lot of talk in the media about machines and how they are a menace and going to take us over, especially since Stephen Hawking said as much.

I used to think that as the Chinese dominate, they will just do to us what we did to them or what they didn't let us do to them by isolating themselves.  What goes around comes around.

But, if this prof is right, we're all in the same boat. All humans, except the handful the global ecomomy enriches, those people (often dyed in the wool criminals) who are buying up all the pricey real estate in New York and London - and probably Montreal and making a home for average citizens out of the question.

But, maybe, we've already been taken over by an entity of our invention. The global economy.