Sunday, September 13, 2015

Carrie Derick, Harriet Brooks, Maude Abbott and Annie Langstaff of McGill

Yesterday I went into Pointe St. Charles by train and metro (Charlevoix) to see a theatre play close to my heart: a play about Carrie Derick of Furies Cross the Mersey and the Donaldas of McGill, the first female college students in Montreal.

 First, I ate a light and delicious brunch at this restaurant, Ma Tante Quiche, that had the cutest lights made of teal, I think it is, colanders.

 I passed this charming cupola and few other beautiful buildings on my way to Joe Beef Park a few blocks away, where someone with a lovely voice was singing but her concert ended by the time I arrived.

Joe Beef is the name of a famous local restaurant, by the way.

 But I didn't miss the play.

 This Suffrage Play was written by Peggie Hopkins, a local real estate agent and community leader (who picture I don't have due to problems with my phone and storage) and mounted by the Pointe St Charles Community Theatre. Quite a wonderful thing!

 The main historical characters were Donaldas from McGill, Carrie Derick,  Maude Abbott , Harriet Brooks and Annie Langstaff. The huge posters on the set are of the ladies in question.

A great deal of effort was put into this production over the last two months, it was obvious.

Carrie Derick was a Botanist, and the first female full professor in Canada. Harriet Brooks was the first Canadian woman physicist, Maude Abbott was a physician, and Annie Langstaff was a law school graduate who couldn't practice in Quebec.

The play was bilingual. There were suffrage songs, too, and Mrs. Pankhurst's voice was part of the play, too. Very clever and very informative, I'd say. We never learned  about these women in back in school.

Here is a short YouTube video I took - filling up my storage :)