Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Personal Act of Thanksgiving.

My butterfly Madonna.

I scoped the Internet the other day for an image of the Madonna, Mary with butterfly wings. Couldn't find one. I even put in foreign languages.

Found a lot of pictures of Madonna the singer and all kinds of lovely images of Mary, but none with butterfly wings.

So I created this one, as a Thanksgiving exercise. The Madonna is in a shrine at Rigaud, Quebec.

I spent some time in the basement trying to find my grandmother's Mary that passed down to my aunt and when I got it 15 years ago, all cracked and such, I decorated her up in many colours.

I don't know where she is, tho.

The butterfly Madonna is meaningful to me, because when I was a tiny girl, about three, and going through a frightening time, I saw a giant yellow Monarch butterly on the fence and it spoke to me, saying everything will be all right.

I lived in farm country, lots of milkweed. Lots of grasshoppers, too if I recall. Remember them?

Not all that far from where this Madonna is today. Just down the river. She could fly there.

That's how I recall it, anyway.

I didn't have TV in those days and I didn't get read to a lot, so I don't know how  this came to me, but it did.

Anyway, I want this image on the web, so I write about it here on a website about the suffragists.