Monday, December 28, 2015

Discovering Shabaeff on a snowy post-Christmas Day.

Princess by Valentin Shabaeff.

The things you discover on a sleepy, snowy Christmas Monday as you watch, with one eye, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on the Turner Classic Movie Channel.

I was staring around my 'family room,' that I am slowly turning into my office because the room gets a lot of sun in winter (when there is sun) and my eyes fell on the icon of the Virgin, or so I thought, on the wall.

'I think I'll move it upstairs,' I said to myself. "It's pretty, and it goes with the Christmas decorations up there."

I assumed it was a copy of something. I inherited the frame from my mother and she always referred to it as 'the Persian Girl.'

But, upon removing it from the wall, I noticed the piece was purchased at the Klinkoff Gallery on Sherbrooke, an important gallery, so I looked up the name of the artist, V Shabaeff to see that he is a well known artist.

Sort of.

A Quebec museum ran an exhibition of his work just last year called "Under the Radar."

Oh my god, they are talking about the Rape of the Sabine Women on TV.. singing about it. Hmm.

Anyway, Shabaeff was from Russia and moved to Montreal and lived a long time and had a studio in city.  So there are lots of his works out there, in all mediums.

He's the kind of guy the NFB would make a documentary about, in the old days, anyway.

Too bad I missed the exhibit. Reminds me of my college days when I had just read all of Joseph Campbell's books and then passed a poster in the "McGill Ghetto" promoting a talk he was giving at Concordia, to find the talk had been the night before!!

Byzantine.... that's what this ceramic looks like. No wonder.