Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Venus Suburban Bathroom

Venus graces my suburban bathroom.

I've long been obsessed with Pompeii. I think there was a copy of The Last Days of Pompeii kicking around our duplex apartment as a kid.

I think it had photographs. You know the ones.

And I didn't see any Pompeiian murals in colour until, probably, Art History Class in University, circa 1974.

Today, I can stroll the real Pompeiian ruins on Youtube. Here's one  in HD.

And I can surf the web, capture pics of murals and restorations and print them out and post them in the bathroom, as I did with Venus.

Of course, with the cost of printer ink, that's more expensive than visiting Italy :)

Well, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has just opened its Pompeii Exhibition, so I guess I should trip over.

It's on until September or something, but if I wait, I often miss exhibitions I want to see.

I somehow missed the Beaver Hall Group Exhibition.

Luckily, someone posted a video on YouTube, without attribution.
A swatch of Beaver Hall Group Landscapes on the Web. The recent Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition had mostly portraits.

I live in the burbs and driving into the city is getting more and more of a drag each year.

Urban Sprawl.

I was in Toronto last week, but my friend lives right downtown. So I go from my sleepy suburb (all suburbs are sleepy these days because no one goes outside)to the heart of 'where it's at' - with all the local Cabbagetown Colour.

It was FREEZING cold over the weekend, so we spent a lot of time in Loblaw's at the Maple Leaf Gardens; such a fancy food emporium.

When I got home, it was back to Costco for nourishment.

One the warmer day, we slogged it over to the Art Museum of Ontario or AGO and saw some Group of Seven  and such.

The Group of Seven is much more celebrated in Canada these days than the Montreal-based Beaver Hall Group, although A.Y. Jackson was a member of both groups.

There are plenty of university theses online explaining why: It's about masculinity and the Canadian wilderness and the fact women artists tended to have jobs and not be full time artists.

The Beaver Hall Group was made up mostly of women artists, who often painted other women.

One of the Beaver Hall Group, Ann Savage, was Head of the Art Department of the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal, when there was an Art Department.

That's back when I was in school in that very Board.

The AGO has a Lawren Harris Exhibition, I think curated by comedian Steve Martin, who has already been responsible for lifting the buying price for Harris's paintings. (I read somewhere.)

Maybe Andrea Martin should curate an Ann Savage Exhibition.

I didn't take any snaps of the Harris paintings, but I took a pic from my kitchen porch upon returning home because we had had an ice storm the day before and everthing in the garden was twinkling.

God and Ice Themed Pic.

I did spend a lot of time at the AGO carefully inspecting the Kreighoff's. "Christmas Card Pictures" my friend observed. I realized for the first time that this Dutch-born man was Canada's Norman Rockwell, but from an earlier era.