Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pompeii and Montreal and Silent Film Footage

Killing time.

I had my Easter Meal, the extended family one on Good Friday, so there's nothing to do right now but surf the Web and look and see if anyone has posted any film footage from 1910 Montreal. (No!)

However, I did find this interesting post on YouTube. The Canadian Film Institute has posted one of the 1910 films Edison made for the government promoting the Canadian West to Americans.

I've written about it here...Salmon Tales.

J. Searle Dawley was the Director for this Edison project.

This film is  called The Song that Reached his Heart: A Story of the Lumber Regions of Canada's West, and has been enhanced digitally, I imagine.

Yesterday, I went to the Pompeii Exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

I've long been fascinated by Pompeii, ever since I perused the famous book, Last Days of Pompeii,as a child, the one with the eerie black and white pictures of the figures above.

I took the snapshot above at exhibit. My husband wasn't moved. "Just a bunch of old stuff. I don't see what you see in them. "

Oh, well.

My husband thought one of the plaster cast men looked like 'he was praying.' I said, "I don't think they were Christians." (I remember that perhaps it was still a family cult and that fishes marked the thresholds of the homes where these new Christians lived.)

I've been reading up on Roman Law and they had a strict separation of public and private that allowed Christianity to be spread, and often by women even if, in Rome, men ruled the home.

I bought a detail of Livia's garden for my Pompeiian bathroom... I had to laugh. Listening to a BBC Radio Four dramatization of Cherie, I learned that the aging courtesan in the Colette book also had a Pompeiian bathroom.

The exhibit includes a marble bust of a Princess likely related to Livia. Apparently, she had a small mouth 'like Livia' something to be desired.

 Sian Phillips, who played Livia in I, Claudius, did not have a small mouth. The motion picture camera does not like small mouths.

Back when I was a child, we had a marble bust in our house, of three children. It had belonged to my grandparents. It weighed a tonne.

My aunt posing with the marble bust.. My mom later sold it.