Friday, July 1, 2016

A General in Montreal, WWI

Edith Nicholson second from right in Navy League uniform WWI in front of  Montreal's Sun Life Building beside Dominion Square.

Edith Nicholson, 1884 - 1977, spent the WWI years working at Sun Life in their new digs beside Dominion Square and volunteering for the war effort, the Navy League, the YMCA's Victory Campaign etc, etc, etc.

About 100 years ago 'Old Aunt Edie", then a woman of  32, attended a rally at Dominion Square and wrote home to Mom in Richmond, Quebec all about it. It seems General Sam Hughes, giving a speech at the start of the Battle of the Somme, really liked her dress.

Letter 20: Edith to Margaret

July 20th, 1916

332 Melrose, Montreal

Dear Mother,

Your letter received this morning. Isabel and Marjorie brought out the gloves and were out again last night but I was out at Dominion Square hearing Sam Hughes.

Was right up in the front row as it was for the Irish Rangers.

I think my green suit must have caught his eye as the Col. asked Ella Mac and Mrs. Williamson if I was with them.

Marion has had a terrible time with the tooth. I went with her to Dr. McCallum that Dr. Cleveland recommended to her to have it taken out this morning.

He tried but broke it and the pain as more than she could bear so he would not do anything more unless she took gas and he could not give it alone.

So we came home and Hugh took her down to Dr. Lemieux but he would do nothing until the swelling goes down.

I kept Margaret in the meantime.

Marion has a fig plaster inside her mouth and ice on her face and now she is getting a little relief.

Today has been very warm, I think the warmest day yet.

Marion won't hear of me going home Saturday as I was planning. But I am to see Dr. R. tomorrow and can then let you know, but really, the way I have been going the last few days, it is anything but a rest.

Don't worry about Margaret. We never leave her a minute. If we do she eats dust by the handfuls. She is a dear, even if she is lively.

When do you expect Flora? Love to Father and self. Try to rest as much as possible.



Below: In WWII Edith (Left) was Commandant of the Quebec Red Cross.