Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bye, Bye Blue Jays

Here's my snap of Kevin Pillar in a game in late June, I think, or was it July Against Baltimore at the Rogers Center. The Jays lost in extra innings.

I had good seats. Given to me, they were, But I had to pay the 300 dollar train trip to Toronto.

The Jays' season is over. An up and down one, for sure.

I only became a fan last year, with the other playoff run, the Bautista bat-flip one.

Before that, the last time I'd been to a ball game was in Montreal way back. I think my kids were around 6 and 8.

My brother, a huge fan, who, as a boy, searched the short wave universe for Yankees signal and who taught me to score the game,  was visiting us from Denmark. The blue plastic Big O roof was glued on. We had seats high up behind the plate. I hate to sit behind the plate.

The humidity was through the roof (not literally) and my brother drank about 17 beers and never once had to use the loo.

My husband and I spent a fortune on drinks and ice cream for the kids.

Two 'old' women, with grey concrete hair were smoking cigarettes in front of me. Choke. Choke.

I wrote about if for....hmmm. Compuserve?...The article was much funnier than this blog post.

Before that I hadn't been to a baseball game in years, either. Not since around 1980.

Lately, I've wanted to go to Fenway Park. I have a  1912 letter written by my husband's great Aunt Edie, where she says she is going to a game with her cousin, Henry, a Boston doctor. Fenway Park was opened that year, I believe.

Today, my husband tells me, is the anniversary of "Blue Monday."

I told him, I can't remember when it was.

35 years ago. He said.

"When I was a kid," I said.  I told him how my brothers and I were in the stands, behind 3rd base for that win where the Expos took the fore-shortened pennant.. or division. Can't recall. (I checked, division.)

Lots and LOTS of fun.

"You weren't a kid," my husband said. In 1981 you were grown up.

"Yea, right." The star players these days are pretty well the same age as my kids.

Yes, I was more than grown up. The next year I would get a job writing copy at CFCF radio.

CFCF was the baseball station, so I must have heard all about Blue Monday, in retrospect.

In the past few years, while on the treadmill, I tried to watch baseball, but I found it too boring.

And the spitting! And those retro haircuts! And those beards!

Then the Jays 2015 season and I realized, if you don't know the players, the stories, it's no fun.

Now, I know the stories. Russell Martin is a Montrealer. Who wudda guessed?  He's making,what? 82 million?

The game has changed a lot since the days of Dave Van Horne. Moneyball and all that. So, so technical.

Anyway, in 1982, I wrote an ad for Dick Irvin, the hockey broadcaster, and he said he'd get me hockey tickets as a thank you.

I said "I prefer baseball tickets." Not a nice thing to say.

Actually, I liked hockey too, back then, but I didn't like the stands in the Forum. I get vertigo.