Saturday, June 24, 2017

ColonyVR, Van Gogh and Labyrinths.

Me last year outside Van Gogh Musuem.

My husband and I decided that we should try to do something new together at least once a week, something we haven't done before, or at least not in a long while.

Well, one of of us decided and the other went along.

"It doesn't have to be expensive," I said. "In fact, it should be on the cheap side. But, that means we have to be creative."

I bought a cheap badminton set the first week. The second week we went to the Aviation Museum in Ottawa.  Then, we visited Ile Bizard, a place we've never been to, even though we've passed it by thousands of time.

"In the summer, our new activity should be outdoors, if possible." I had recommended.

Except that I went and hurt my knee playing tennis - not a new activity.

So, what did we do this weekend?

We did some virtual reality, at a place called Colony VR in Ottawa.  My grown up son had done it for his birthday and really enjoyed it. He wants to eventually get his own device.

Needless to say, I'm not into video games. (I have tried to play some recommended by my son, but find it hard.)

But, virtual reality sounded like fun. I like to use our big screen TV to imagine I'm in, say, Big Sur, or Italy, in the dead of winter, so I'm half-way there.

"Yes, let's try that," I told my husband.

And we did. ColonyVR looks like a place parents bring kids for birthday parties.

I did the undersea experiences, very, very nice and something called NIGHT CAFE where you immerse yourself in a Van Gogh painting.

As it happens, last year at this time I was in Amsterdam and I did visit the Van Gogh Museum, an excellent museum, one of the best I've ever been in.

This Night Cafe Virtual Reality experience was simply beautiful.  The colours!  Here it is on Youtube, but the REAL experience is much brighter.

The Labyrinth film at Expo67, 50 years ago. I saw it only once or twice as there were such long line-ups, but I saw the other signature films many, many times.

Anyway, as soon as my knee heels, we're gonna go biking on the Lachine Canal.

Before that, maybe we'll visit the Museum on Ile Ste Helene, where there's an Expo67 exhibit.

That Expo67 feeling: I got a little dose today, fifty years on.  Expo had cutting edge films, or way beyond cuting edge.

I think this Ile Ste. Helene exhibit at the Stewart Museum -Expo67 A World of Dreams - has virtual reality exhibits of Expo, ir 'immersive exhibits'.  How circular is that?

                  Stamps on an Expo passport. The bright one at left was the Ethiopian Pavilion.